About the Study

About the Study

The Route 7 Corridor Transit Study is an in-depth assessment of the travel needs in the corridor that includes the development of potential recommendations to improve mobility and accessibility to and within the Route 7 corridor between Tysons and the City of Alexandria.

To learn more about the study area and see the alignment options, visit this map.

To date, the study has been conducted in two phases.

Phase I

During Phase I, the study team:

  • Assessed the existing issues and identified the potential opportunities that could be leveraged to improve the Route 7 corridor.
  • Identified a suite of potential transit options that could improve mobility and accessibility in the Route 7 corridor.
  • Evaluated the transit options based on planning-level feasibility assessments.
  • Narrowed the transit options to be evaluated further in Phase II.

Phase II

Currently in Phase II, the study team will assess the set of transit options forwarded from Phase I in greater detail based on factors including:

  • Public and stakeholder involvement to better align the study with the local and regional objectives and evaluation criteria.
  • Viability of transit in the corridor given potential demand, and the benefits to the community.
  • Impact on local and regional mobility and accessibility.
  • Financial analysis including capital and operating costs, and potential funding sources.

At the end of Phase II, the study will identify a transit option that most effectively and efficiently addresses not only the existing issues and needs along the Route 7 corridor, but also best accommodates the future demands along the corridor.